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 We believe that everyone who visits us should be treated as guests, not patients. Our staff strives to provide you with the best care in a kind and relaxed atmosphere.  We specialize in our Alternative Medical practice in Palm Desert. We are here to serve and help those who need a different method to get healthy.  We can diagnose and treat you from your home, yes it works, ask us how! We can help with all medical issues, including chronic and acute issues.  Functional Medicine at its best is what we practice.

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About Us

Dr. Steve Nelson P.HD


 Clinical Dr. of Pharmacology, Dr. of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Ph.D in Clinical Nutrition, Immunology & Biochemistry 

We have clients all over the country and world.


Call now and see how we can help you meet your health needs. Some of our services include Comprehensive Health Assessment, Weight Loss, Detox Foot Bath, Infra-red Sauna and more!

We specialize in healing Chronic Illness


Lyme, Mold, Cancer, Fibro, Fatty Liver, EBV, Co-Infections, Pancreatitis, Heavy Metals, Chronic Fatigue, Brain Issues, Neuropathy, Cirrhosis, Kidney Issues, Sinus Issues, Chronic Headaches, Weigh / Nutrition issues, Yeast / SIBO and Parasites.

How Dr. Nelson is different

Selected Services & Testing

 Dr. Nelson uses various testing method's, including Bioresonance testing, Chinese Eastern Testing and Frequency testing, along with other devices that are quite expensive that he got from Europe. Dr. Nelson will also use and order blood tests he feels are necessary, many times they are not that important, depending on the case. He has spent time in Europe as well, training with top functional Dr's over there as well. They have dealt with environmental toxins for a much longer time due to climate and building techniques over there. They are way ahead of the USA.

He has remote patients all over the country and in 5 different countries, as well. He see's patient's in his clinic but many of his patient's are treated remotely. Imagine no more chasing for needless tests and trying to go to appointments. Everything is delivered to your door after he does the testing.

Dr. Nelson can also test for the foods you should eat and ones you need to avoid. He always answers questions. He is very generous with his time, considering how many patient's he has.

There are multiple bacterial, viral, and other parasitic infections that can sabotage clinical outcomes and have been ignored, or assumed to be benign. At the end of the day, we need to park the ego and realize that we have to continue to learn and grow. We do not know all there is to know....

So, the next time a treatment is not effective, remember to consider the possibility of a hidden infection. This is what I do and it's the truth. I hope this helps you on your journey to true enlightenment. Many Blessings.

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 What if mold, lyme, arthritis, fibro, alzheimer’s, cancer, or Grave’s disease was actually caused by infection? My extensive research shows that our bodies are not flawed or simply have bad luck but rather, are be sabotaged by chronic and hidden infections. 

Worked with many celebrities


Dr. Nelson has healed Suzanne Somers, Gavin Macleod (Love Boat), Chuck Norris, Sly Stallone, Tom Selleck and Suzanne has written about Dr. Nelson in two of her books.

Relaxing Office


A welcoming, calming and healing place to detox.

Happy Patients


One of our patients enjoying a detox in the near and far infra red sauna. 

Big difference in healing


Want to experience REAL healing, see how much different our natural approaches are.

Friendly Office Staff.


Happy and knowledgeable staff to help greet you.

True Cellular Detox


We heal patients the only real effective way and that's true cellular health. 

TRUE PaTIENT reviews

Jordann Dodd

I bring my mom to Dr. Nelson several times a week, driving from LA to Palm Springs and he is totally worth it. Being at the office so much, I can tell he and his staff genuinely care about the health and well being of their patients. 

I finally have hope for my moms health for the first time in a long time. 

Jonnie McCoy

The first day I left dr. Nelson‘s office I felt on top of the world the next day I was able to move around and do things I haven’t done in many years.

Four days later I’m feeling great still. Going to have another treatment today. Great day in the neighborhood.

Crieger Goodwin

I was lucky enough to find Dr. Nelson two years ago.  He has helped me immensely.  I was very ill with ME/CFS, severe sensitivities such as MCS, chronic migraines and gut problems from bad mold exposure in my home, to make a short list.  Dr. Nelson figured more out in a phone consult than most of the doctors I'd previously worked with.

Deborah Squibb

Great doc and cares very much about his patients. He is very intuitive and has some very helpful modalities at the clinic.  Checks in regularly with a phone call to see how patient is doing.  Offers true service and value and one feels that they are being cared for by an experienced dr who has seen it all.

M Victoria

After seeing about 10+ doctors for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, toxic mold exposure and Lyme disease, and not getting any better, I decided to try a different route.  I found Dr. Nelson through Suzanne Sommers' book "Breakthrough".  Glad I did. His techniques are very accurate.

Cynthia H Kraemer

 The most comprehensive and best medical help I've had,  without prescription drugs. A whole body approach. Great place. 

Dr. Nelson, P.hd talks healing chronic illness

Excellent talk on how to heal from Lyme, Mold and other Chronic illnesses.  Dr. Steve Nelson Ph.D - Clinical Dr. of Pharmacology, Dr. of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Ph.D in Clinical Nutrition, Immunology & Biochemistry  - 30 years in Healing

Dr. Steve Nelon's education and diplomas

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